Vacuum truck onsite

The loading and unloading of tank trucks with flammable and combustible products presents one of the most serious fire and explosion risks for site operations within industry.  The most hazardous electrostatic situation in petroleum operations is the accumulation of charge on the surface of an isolated tank truck.

The common factor that contributes to a spark discharge within vehicle (tank/vacuum truck) incidents is that the rate of electrostatic charge generation on the components of the system are permitted to exceed the rate of charge dissipation, resulting in the accumulation of static charges on some parts of the vehicle and/or transfer system (e.g. hose).

Implementing static control systems for tankers & vacuum trucks, such as Earth-Rite® RTR  & Earth-Rite® MGV provided by Newson Gale, can significantly mitigate these risks by ensuring a controlled dissipation of static charges, thereby promoting a safer operational environment during the handling of hazardous materials.

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