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Hazardous area operators will be all too aware of the danger static electricity poses. Discharges of static electricity have been identified as the ignition source in a broad range of processes, posing a substantial risk to people and plant.

At Newson Gale, we manufacture products to assist with static ground monitoring and control in hazardous locations.

Based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, we supply static earthing solutions and grounding equipment, to companies worldwide via offices in the UK, USA, Germany and China, and a network of channel partners, to keep you, your workforce, and your facilities safe from electrostatic sparks.

Our Earth-Rite range of static grounding and interlock systems provides the most comprehensive protection against electrostatic ignition hazards.

Are you protected from the dangers of static electricity?

of our products sold are exported worldwide for the hazardous area industries
Years of saving peoples lives, plant and equipment from the hazards of static electricity
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Does earthing reduce static electricity?

Indeed, it does. Earthing, grounding and bonding help to dissipate static electricity which can cause a static spark, endangering the lives of anyone working within your facility. Any business that operates within a hazardous environment at risk of static charge should take steps to reduce the danger, increase safety and ensure smooth running operations at all times.

How do you ground against static electricity?

This requires specific ground equipment that is connected to the earth, usually via an electrode or a grounding rod that drains away static charges. This stops the charge from building up and eventually jumping to another object which could result in fires and explosions breaking out.

Is your facility protected from static electricity?

Many industries implement processes as a means to practice compliance. However, it’s vital that your facility goes above and beyond best practice compliance to ensure the safety of workers from the dangers of sparks caused by inefficient grounding, earthing or bonding.

Get in touch with the team at Newson Gale to discover how our products can keep your facilities as safe as possible.

Newson Gale’s products are certified for use around the globe within hazardous area industries.

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If you’re looking to improve the safety of your hazardous area through earthing, bonding or grounding devices the team at Newson Gale can help. We can guide you to the right solution to mitigate static ground charges and electrostatic ignition hazards.