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Static Grounding Relay System

Static Grounding Relay System

The Earth-Rite® OMEGA II is a compact panel mounted static grounding relay system that can monitor a range of resistance values, based on the grounding application and installation requirements of specific processes.

The Earth-Rite OMEGA II monitors the resistance of the static grounding circuit for processes where a risk of static charge accumulation on the equipment could result in an incendive electrostatic spark within locations that have potentially flammable atmospheres present.

It is specified primarily for applications where an alternative means of ground status indication is provided, e.g. via panel mounted indicators or remote indicator stations, as opposed to more regular grounding solutions in the Earth‑Rite range.

The DIN rail mountable module can be located in an electrical panel mounted in a non-hazardous area or inside an XP certified enclosure located inside the hazardous area.

Two dry contacts can be used to switch power to additional ground status indicators or interlock with the process to shutdown product transfer when the OMEGA II detects an open circuit on the path to ground.

Ground Resistance Monitoring Set Points

The OMEGA II is designed specifically for monitoring the static grounding of process equipment and has 4 resistance set points depending on the installation and operating characteristics of the application. It can also be installed to monitor the resistance of bonding circuits and lightning protection grounding points.


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  • Ground Resistance Monitoring Set Points

    0 ohms to 2 ohms (to monitor low resistance bonding paths.

    0 ohms to 4 ohms.

    0 ohms to 10 ohms (recommended values of resistance in IEC 60079-32 & NFPA 77).

    0 ohms to 600 ohms (to monitor the grounding of rotating machinery).

  • Two Output Contacts

    Located in the Omega II control unit, two dry output contacts can be interlocked with pumps or other control devices to prevent transfer operations should a reliable static Ground Loop fail to be established or maintained for the duration of the transfer process.

System Options

  • Earth-Rite OMEGA II Options

    • Universal Resistance Tester.
    • Hazardous Area Strobe Light.

Certification / Technical

  • Power Supply

    24 V DC (Universal 110 – 240 V AC PSU available).

  • Operating Temperature Range

    -40°F to +140°F
    -40°C to + 60°C