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Paints & Coatings

Solvents and combustible organic powders are heavily utilised constituents of decorative and protective paints and coatings.

Although more stringent VOC targets are in place, the use of solvents is still important in aerospace, marine, electronics and general industrial protective coating applications. The milling, grinding and extraction of organic powders and mixing and blending of solvents can generate hazardous levels of static electricity and this risk must be managed effectively through the application of fit for purpose grounding and bonding static control equipment.


Tank Truck Filling & EmptyingTank Truck Filling & Emptying

Earth-Rite RTR Static electricity can lead to large voltages on tank trucks.
> Earth-Rite RTR


Railcar Filling & EmptyingRailcar Filling & Emptying

Earth-Rite PLUS Grounding and interlocks preventing charge accumulation on the tanks of railcars.
> Earth-Rite PLUS


Filling IBCs & Filling IBCs & Large ContainersLarge Containers

Earth-Rite PLUS The manual filling of portable drums and vessels can result in incendive static spark discharges.
> Earth-Rite PLUS


FIBC Filling & EmptyingFIBC Filling & Emptying

Earth-Rite FIBC Grounding and interlocks for Type “C” Big Bag operations.
> Earth-Rite FIBC


Filling & Emptying Small Drums & Cans

Cen-Stat Clamps For low volume liquid transfer.
> Cen-Stat Clamps


Filling & Emptying Drums & CansFilling & Emptying Drums & Cans

Bond-Rite Clamp Patented grounding clamp with LED ground status indicator.
> Bond-Rite CLAMP