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For over 40 years, Newson Gale has been leading the way in hazardous area static grounding control, serving industries where processes generating static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable or combustible atmospheres. The Newson Gale range mitigates static charge accumulation by using practical and innovative design, and ensures effective static control on three levels – grounding and bonding clamps, visual verification and interlockable control systems.

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Multiple Drum Grounding

People & Product

People are pivotal to everything we do at Newson Gale and are the heartbeat of the company.  In every role, whether it is customer-facing or behind the scenes, our teams are the driving force.  The expertise, passion and collective team ethos forms the cornerstone of our company. We encourage our people to have a customer-focused mindset, to take ownership and accountability for what they do and to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit. The longevity of the business and pedigree of the Newson Gale brand and our strong product portfolio stands at the forefront of our 30-year heritage.

We are committed to maintaining our position as a leading static control company, and believe it is our people, innovative approach and technology that will shape the future of hazardous area static grounding control in safeguarding plants, people and processes.

People and products ensure safety in the workplace

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Newson Gale

We empower people to understand and control electrostatic ignition hazards.

Hoerbiger Safety Division

We mitigate the explosion risks associated with the handling of gas, liquids and solids to protect people, operations and facilities. We create risk awareness, educate stakeholders on risk mitigation strategies and provide comprehensive solutions.

Our promise to you

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