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Sole-Mate Footwear Tester


Static Dissipative Footwear Tester

The Sole-Mate is a user friendly device that is designed to test the condition of static dissipative footwear prior to entering safety critical hazardous areas exposed to potentially ignitable atmospheres. International Standards recommend regular testing of static dissipative footwear. […]

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Hose Continuity Tester


Intrinsically Safe Hose Continuity Tester

The OhmGuard electrical continuity tester is designed to test hoses used on vacuum trucks, tanker trucks and plant equipment prior to the transfer of flammable or combustible products. The OhmGuard verifies that the electrical conductivity of hoses and plant equipment like metal piping, eliminates the risk of a fire or explosion or explosion caused by the discharge of a static spark. […]

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Newson Gale manufactures static testing devices to ensure the safety of the workforce and plant equipment in critical hazardous areas that are exposed to potentially ignitable atmospheres.