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The handling and storage of combustible organic ingredients like flour or sugar, and flammable products like ethanol, generate dangerously high levels of static electricity.

According to a report published by the IChemE 36% of industrial fires occur in bakeries. As more attention is paid to potential dust cloud explosion hazards and flammable hazards by government regulators, (ATEX & OSHA) the food and beverage industry is increasingly turning its attention to managing the risks associated with static electricity in potentially flammable and explosive atmospheres.


Tank Truck Filling & EmptyingTank Truck Filling & Emptying

Emptying Static electricity can lead to large voltages on tank trucks.
> Earth-Rite RTR


Mobile Grounding for TrucksMobile Grounding for Trucks

Grounding for trucks in locations where installed grounding systems are not present.
> Earth-Rite MGV


Grounding Isolation Process EquipmentGrounding Isolated Process Equipment

Multiple assembly components may be isolated during powder processing operations.


Filling IBCs & Large ContainersFilling IBCs & Large Containers

The manual filling of portable drums and vessels can result in incendive static spark discharges.
> Earth-Rite PLUS


FIBC Filling & EmptyingFilling & Emptying

Grounding and interlocks for Type “C” Big Bag operations.
> Earth-Rite FIBC


Filling & Emptying Small Drums & Cans

For low volume liquid transfer.
> Cen-Stat Clamps


Customer Testimonials

Newson Gale is truly a professional organisation in helping us mitigate static ignition potentials at our site and providing cost-sensitive solutions. I would highly recommend Newson Gale in this regard. Keep up the good work!
Todd Tereska, CSP, CHMM, Sr. Safety & Industrial Hygiene Compliance Advisor
DSM Nutritional Products, NJ, USA