Quality Statement


The policy of Newson Gale Ltd. is to ensure that all products and services fully meet customer, contractual and regulatory requirements, meet or exceed customer expectations and satisfy the requirements of the clauses of BS EN ISO 9001:2015, to which the company is approved; and where applicable EN/IEC 80079-34:2018.

To this end the following principles are applied throughout the company: –

  1. Full commitment of all personnel, including management team members, to this quality policy allied to active involvement in quality improvements.
  2. Full understanding by all employees of the long-term importance of achieving customer satisfaction by providing a consistently high quality product or service.
  3. An appreciation that consistent quality can only be achieved by ensuring control at each stage of processing.

In order to conform to this policy the company ensures that all the requirements laid down in quality procedures and specifications to which it works are enforced at all times.

The implementation of the policy involves everyone in the company, each of whom is responsible for ensuring that the correct quality standard is maintained in their sphere of operation.

The system described in the quality manual and its supporting documentation is mandatory for all employees. Newson Gale Ltd management team members will ensure that all employees are made aware of its content.

As well as ensuring customer satisfaction the quality objectives also include a commitment to the continuous improvement of the system and consequently the product. This will help the company to remain and grow in a healthy state and ensure that customers and any other users are always fully satisfied with the product. The opportunity for improvements will be highlighted by involvement of management team members, constant review of the quality policy and objectives, regular reviews of records of the system and customer comments and regular audits of the system parts.

Members of the top management are committed to ensuring that any resources required for existing processes or future improvements are made available to enable the system to evolve.

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