The widespread use of synthetic materials and advances in industrial machinery has resulted in manufacturing processes battling against static electricity.

Newson Gale provide a range of static grounding, earthing and bonding equipment to help control the risks posed by static electricity.

All of the products you’ll find here have been developed to provide optimum safety in explosive atmospheres and other hazardous operating environments.

Static Grounding Systems For Hazardous Areas

At Newson Gale, we’ve been leading the way for 40 years, serving hazardous area industries with a broad range of electrostatic grounding solutions dedicated to keeping people and facilities safe from harm.

Our innovative designs ensure static control, reducing static charge accumulation on three levels:

  • Static ground indicators and interlock systems via our Earth-Rite® range.
  • Self-testing static electricity grounding clamp units via our Bond-Rite® series.
  • Static grounding and bonding clamps, cables and reels via our Cen-Stat™ range.

Browse Our Static Grounding Products & Solutions

Earth-Rite® Range

Our Earth-Rite® systems feature electronics that continuously monitor the ground path resistance between a grounded object and a verified grounding point, operator displays with high intensity flashing green LED indicators and onboard relays that can be interlocked with liquid or powder transfer equipment.

Bond-Rite® Range

The Bond-Rite® range from Newson Gale offers a “middle ground” between static grounding systems with interlock capability and basic clamps, by enabling operators to continuously monitor a low resistance ground path confirmed by a flashing green LED indicator. Specifiers have the option of the LED indicator mounted in the handle of the grounding clamp or in a separate wall mounted indicator station.

Cen-Stat™ Range

The Newson Gale Cen-Statproducts include a range of ATEX and IECEx-approved, and FM-tested grounding clamps designed to operate within the toughest environments. The approvals confirm the clamps capability to maintain good low resistance electrical connection with metallic equipment at risk of electrostatic hazards.

Mobile Grounding

Our mobile systems provide an automatic confirmation of a positive ground connection for vacuum trucks whilst transferring flammable and combustible products.

Dual Core Clamps

Our grounding clamps are designed to be used with both Earth-Rite® and Bond-Rite® systems and provides a low resistance connection to a metallic object through paint, rust and product build up.

Testing Equipment

The Newson Gale range of testers allow each grounding system to be checked on a routine basis to ensure correct operation.

Need help selecting the correct product?

Our speciality is helping customers who work within the chemical, food and beverage, paints and coatings and pharmaceutical sectors.

We can also help protect any business manufacturing product from flammable materials against the build-up of electrostatic charges during normal operation.